Ukrainian businessman Oleg Krot and “Techiia Foundation”, a public organization he created, initiated a monthly grant program for a Ukrainian primary school, created on the basis of the Ukrainian educational space “Kryla” in Limassol, Cyprus.

Monthly grants from the Foundation will help Ukrainian children who escaped the russian war in Cyprus to continue their education. Thanks to the financial support of the “Techiia Foundation”, education in “Kryla” for displaced children is up to 10 times cheaper than in other schools in Cyprus.

There are already 21 children studying in the zero, first and second grades of the “Kryla” school, and enrollment in the third and fourth grades is ongoing. Schoolchildren study according to the program of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, in partnership with a school in Ukraine. The program is supplemented with additional lessons of English and mathematics. “Kryla” teachers focus on the development of children’s soft skills.

Studying in “Kryla”, young Ukrainians will receive knowledge and documents that will allow them to continue their education at any educational institutions of Ukraine or Cyprus.

The Ukrainian educational space “Kryla” is more than a school, it is a big social project. After the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, thousands of people came to Cyprus. To help them, the Ukrainian diaspora of Limassol decided to create an educational space around the primary Ukrainian school, which will later become the center of unity for the Ukrainian community on the island.

“It is important for us to give children the opportunity to get a good education, as well as to help them and their parents adapt to new circumstances. That is why we support “Kryla” and hope that the community will return the feeling of support and security to Ukrainians”, says Oleg Krot, founder of the Techiia Foundation and managing partner of the TECHIIA holding.

In addition, the businessman emphasizes the changes in the attitude of entrepreneurs to social projects. Companies that seek to temporarily raise their own rating through participation in charity events are a thing of the past. But awareness of the need to be based on the principles of social responsibility is the most relevant trend in business circles.

“A company cannot develop in a vacuum – without a society that consumes its products or services. Therefore, effective development is impossible without attention to the needs of communities on the ground. For example, we do business in Limassol, having Ukrainian roots, so we are happy to support the initiative of the Ukrainian Educational Center. Especially since education is one of the basic directions of our Foundation’s work,” sums up Oleg Krot.

“Techiia Foundation” is a public organization of the international technological holding TECHIIA, established in 2019 by entrepreneurs Oleg Krot and Yuriy Lazebnikov. The holding unites more than ten different business fields — from the creation of entertainment content, IT products and services, to services based on unmanned technologies and the production of innovative insulated glass units, and merch.

Companies of the holding operate worldwide — from Vietnam to the USA. One of TECHIIA’s offices has been located in Limassol for several years now, a city with one of the largest Ukrainian communities in Cyprus.

The main directions of the Foundation’s work are projects in the field of healthcare and education. From February 2022, the project “Supporting freedom of Ukraine ” was added to them. Based on the results of the Foundation’s activities, the TECHIIA holding won the “Partnership for Sustainable Development-2021” competition from the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine.

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